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Warren Mostert is the Chief Executive Officer of the MCORP Group and also one of the founding executives of MCORP Communications.

He holds a B.Comm Accounting (Honours) degree from the University of Johannesburg, and is a registered Chartered Account at SAICA. Warren has been involved in the Financial and ICT industries for 11 years.

Warren worked in the financial auditing field at an international financial institution prior to joining the MCORP Group.

He gained valuable experience in South Africa whilst auditing and seconded assignments in financial sector markets with various companies. After the initial projects in South Africa, he gained international exposure on assignment to the United States of America.

Warren then joined the MCORP Group as CEO and started two companies specialising in Operations Centre services, as well as Project Management and Infrastructure deployment services.  He has a passion for technologies that create efficiencies in systems and business processes. Business Intelligence that assists in self-discovery and enhanced insights is something high on the agenda, and he believes that we need to be “Bringing tomorrows decisions today”.




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Pierre Mostert is the Chief Information Officer of the MCORP Group and also one of the founding executives of MCORP Communications.  

Pierre has been in the telecommunications industry for 11 years and holds a B.Eng Electronic Engineering degree from the University of Johannesburg.

During his tenure in the company, he has gained much experience in network deployment, operations management, quality management, project management, system development, process automation, executive and operations dashboards and reports as well as business intelligence and collaboration applications. He is also responsible for the digitisation strategy of the company.

Pierre has a passion for data science and BI visualisation and has played a significant role in the establishment of the MCORP Project and Operations Intelligence as a Service technology enablers (PIaaS and OIaaS), Project Management Operation Centre (PMOC™) project management office concept as well as the FoxiLogic solution.

Pierre is a Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE).

Our Reach of Projects & Services


Our Values


In ethics, value denotes the degree of importance of some thing or action, intending to determine what actions are best to do or what way is best to live or describe the significance of different actions.


Our Team

At MCORP, we collaborate as a group of individuals, turning our ideas into a single force, innovating towards our ultimate goals with perseverance and persistence.


We care for one another and help each other every step of the way.


Living and breathing the concept of “TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK”.


We understand that in unity we are strong, and together we can achieve wonderfully positive things for our communities and our customers alike.


We believe that integrity is everything, and will be a lasting force forever.


Integrity toward ourselves, our fellow colleagues and customers is of utmost importance.


At MCORP we always adhere to sound, moral and ethical principles. We do the right things because they are the right things to do.

Thinking Differently

Innovating to solve the problems of our customers in an ever-changing world.


We show initiative every day and consistently work towards making our customers great!


“Thinking Differently” goes beyond innovation and excellent service. It includes a deeper understanding of people and their needs. It is a mindset that we have adopted and a process that comes with practice.


Leading and living with compassion is what it’s all about.

Service Excellence

Excellence stems from working as a team, thinking differently and maintaining the utmost integrity.


Our values form the bedrock of our service delivery excellence to our customers.


There is a strong communication of and commitment to quality. This is internalised through the company.


Striving for Service Excellence is never-ending. MCORP will keep on pushing the boundaries of innovation and service differentiation now and into the future.