Why Choose Us


Expert Knowledge Centre with seasoned ICT telecoms experts




Expertise covering all telecoms domains – civil, fibre and equipment associated systems and Business Intelligence (BI)




Executive & management team with a wealth of industry experience and expertise



Project Management Approach – PMOC™

Incorporating traditional PM principles with enhanced business intelligence, visualisations and automation


Fuelled by Smartsheet – leading work execution management and collaboration solution

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Consultancy & Audit Services

 • Business

• Technology

• Network Infrastructure





End-to-End Solutioning

• Project Development

• Solution Design

• Procurement

• Implementation

• Support








pain in the butt 

Network Deployment


Technology & Technical Support


Full Spectrum of Network Deployment Services

• Design to hand over

• OSP (Civil and Fibre)

• Fttx

• Active equipment & associated systems


Project Execution Management

• Full construction management, site supervision & quality inspection


Ongoing engineering & assurance support 


O&M planning, design & implementation


Project Management


Programme-, Project-, & Execution Management services

• Full project lifecycle

• Customizable offering


Project Management Operations Centre (PMOC™)

• Integrated PM solution

• Incorporating MCARE Principles


MCARE Principles

• Monitor

• Control

• Analyse

• Report

• Escalate


Integrated Work Execution Management and Project Collaboration

• Fuelled by Smartsheet 

IOT, Automation, industry 4.0. Information technology in manufacturing concept. Smart factory.

Project Execution


… Management of project execution – various permutations based on customer requirements 


28425024 - business consulting advising and financial consulting concept

Project Management


… Construction & Project management – typical high level interface model

Project Management

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The full Construction Management value chain incorporates all the management of delivery elements on behalf of the Customer i.e.

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•  project initiation

•  planning

•  material management

•  site survey

•  installation and construction

•  project management – tracking and reporting

•  delivery acceptance and handover

•  project closure and payment certification


Project Management (PMO)


– experience and customer references



Advisory & Consultancy Services


– Strategic, Technology & Deployment Advisory services experience


Experienced Executive and Management team


Appointed as the Construction & Project Management company to manage the deployment of 1000 km optical transport network in association with service partner Mariswe (Civil engineering consultants).


The project was awarded 1st prize for Project Management & Construction excellence at the 2013 SAICE Awards Ceremony.