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Solution Development Capability

In-house system and solution development expertise integrated with seasoned ICT telecoms experts (full value-chain – network deployment and operations)

Integrated Project Offerings

Common Technology Stack leveraged for Projects and Operations Intelligence offerings

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Well defined Digitisation Strategy & Architecture to fuel Operation Centre enablement

28425024 - business consulting advising and financial consulting concept

Technology Enablement Streams



Project Intelligence as a Service

PIaaS – Project Intelligence as a Service forms a key element of the MCORP Project Management Philosophy


•   Enhanced business intelligence


•   Structured project reports

•   Project dashboards


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Operations Intelligence as a Service

OIaaS – Operations Intelligence as a Service forms a key element of the NOCDESK Operations Management philosophy


•  BI driven operations and

    management reports

•  Enhanced business intelligence


•  Integrated collaboration


•  Data science orientation




A solution enabling operations intelligence and customer-centric incident management for Sigfox Operators.


•  Correlated alert management

•  Real-time alerting

•  Remote fix automation

•  Unified dashboards and executive