Ownership Economics


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Market differentiation through virtual NOC “ownership economics”

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What we offer…

Operation Centre located in Johannesburg, South Africa

24 x 7 x 365 capability with DR (remote worker capability) & rotational shifts with 24-hour technical support

Multiple communication access – Smart Call 080-NOCDESK, web portal, fixed-line, SIP, IVR and mobile

Redundant power – UPS and generator

Redundant data connectivity – fibre (dual service providers), LTE

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Feature Set


•  Dedicated focus on Operations Centre Services

•  Customer Centricity is at the core of everything we do

•  Structured interface management for customer and support staff

•  Customized service management process in support of unique

    requirements of customer and SLA

    –  Automated SLA management and escalation

    –  Incident and trouble ticket management – tracking, reporting

        and follow up

•  Independent NOC

    –  Independent reporting on ticket status and associated SLAs

    –  System generated audit trail – credible input to SLA review and

        associated penalties as applicable

•  Standard and customized reporting – visibility of status and


•  Data science, BI and Dashboard-driven Operations Intelligence

Differentiating Services 


MCORP offers a complete suite of outstanding services, which include…


Service Operation Centre (SOC)

•  Service Desk & Web Portal

•  Trouble ticket system

•  First-line support – first call resolution

•  Field force dispatch management

•  Field maintenance coordination

•  Incident communication management

•  Structured SLA management

•  Structured Management reports


Network Operation Centre (NOC)

•  Surveillance of Network elements

    via 3rd party or own NMS:

    – Fibre

    – Equipment & Systems

    – Access Management 

    – Environmental (EMS) inclusive of

       physical security

•  Alarm monitoring and control

•  Incident analysis

•  T1 & T2 support customer specific

•  Field Force dispatch management

Managed Services

•  Full Operation Centre as a Service

   (OCaaS) – NOC & SOC

•  Network audits – system based

•  Spares management

•  Warranty management (RMA)

•  Asset management – update of

   the inventory

•  Maintenance services – fibre, equipment

   & facility

•  T3 OEM coordination

•  Professional Services

•  OR consultancy


•  Operations & Maintenance (O&M) model

    audits – people, system & process

•  Operations Intelligence – renewal and/or

    augmentation based on O&M analysis

•  Operations Reporting

Typical Operation Centre Service Components